We find the seeds of hope in our imagination, and through sharing our ideas — bring them to life!

I’d like to share a story that inspires HOPE, knowing that seeing possibilities inclines us to act which, creates an opportunities for a better future.

For legendary oceanographer @sylviaearle, Founder of marine conservation organization @MissionBlue, “the Azores Archipelago is a magnet for life. It really is a magical place. …

Readers are a vital part of our story culture, adding diversity and relevance to the narrative.

BEJournal embraces vanguards of story culture with the aim of developing innovating media and supporting creative collaborations which foster new ways of looking at nature.

We want to inspire people to BE part of…

Organic creativity, the next level of workflow integrations for journalists.

Creating universally accessible and compelling media is the pivoting point for journalists, it achieves their ultimate aim of reaching more people with vital stories that can shape our world.

What this looks like in terms of the development and production…

Inga Yandell

Award-winning digital editor, media producer, and journalist with more than 15 years of experience crafting unique stories inspired by nature.

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